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Yes: Humans/Humanoid · Furries/Anthros · Animals/Ferals · Gore/Candycore · Glitch art · SuggestiveNo: Fetish/NSFW · Copywrited characters · Real people*Picrews are excepted as references for real people

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Starting at $ 15*

>Prints Stickers and buttons printed in house for guaranteed quality control and fast shipping> free shipping within the United States


Starting at $ 15*

>your character as a sketch> sketchy lineart, basic colour and shading> transparent background by default*price may vary depending on complexity or size


$ 25

> Your character's head, or from their shoulders up!> Full lineart, colour and shading> Transparent background by default

Hips up

$ 40

> Your character from their hips and up!> Full lineart, colour and shading> Transparent background by default

Full Body

$ 70

> Your character's entire body!> Full lineart, colour and shading> Transparent background by default

Extra Character


> Each additional character in your order is discounted to %50 of the original character!> Full lineart, colour and shading> Transparent background by default*Both/all characters must be within the same piece of art, multiple pieces of art must be ordered separately.


> Transparent/Single Colour: FREE> Simple/Abstract:
$ 10USD
> Fully detailed:
$ 40USD

Character Design

$ 25 Per Hour

> TwoHeadedAnimal is willing to design your character for an extra fee if you haven't already got one to use.> We absolutely welcome you to join us on our Twitch live during this process!> You can also join us in our Discord
where we can concept for you live at more convenient times.
> if you opt for this please remember to provide as much visual reference as you can.

Character Page

$ 200

>your character in 3 different full body poses with expressions and accessories> full lineart, colour and shading> transparent background by default>available as 3 poses of your choice or as a 3d model ready turnaround

comic commission

Ask for a quote*

> we illustrate up to 4 panels of your character(s) doing whatever you want based off of your provided script> full lineart, colours and shading> transparent background by default* price calculated based off of desired complexity or character count.

Sketch Streams

$ 5 minimum*

> your character drawn however Squid feels> sketchy lineart, basic colour and shading> no background

* preorders are not available, please come along to the live event! info on our calendar

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> If you have specific social media that you follow us on, please tell us your username so we can credit you on our twitter!> We will accept picrews as references.> We offer discounts! Check our F.A.Q's for details!> Progress shots will be sent to you upon request by email, discord or twitter!> We also work on commissions on our Twitch where we welcome you to comment on them live!

[email protected]

Terms of Service

By commissioning TwoHeadedAnimal you agree to the following:
As artists we...
> Ask for payment upon completion of a project, we will send you your full piece once we receive payment.
> Have the right to post commission work to our social medias for advertisement and in our online portfolios.
> Have the right to re-post commissions in any form.
> Have the right to refuse or discontinue any commission of any reason. If this is the case you need not pay.
As a client you...
> May post on your own social medias. We ask that you credit or link back to us.
> May not print or post your commission anywhere for profit unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand.
> May print your commission for personal use
> Edit, crop or transform your commission in any way you like. HOWEVER, we ask that you do not remove our signature.
> May request small edits to finished pieces. Large edits or re-draws will require payment.
> May get Tattos of your own commissioned art but you may not sell it to others
We at twoheadedanimal do not, in any way shape or form, create non fungible tokens [NFT's], nor do we ever plan to do so. we also do not authorize our clients to mint our art as nft's under any circumstances or allow permissions for any of our art to be used in any part of AI art production. any occurrence of our art on nft marketplaces should be reported as copyright infringement as well as AI art.

Payment and Refunds

> Payment is handled via PayPal Invoice in usd only.
>we at Twoheadedanimal don't ask for payment until we complete your commission.
> If your order is incomplete or canceled for whatever reason, you need not pay.
> We do not offer refunds for completed art.


What software do you guys use?
We both use clip studio paint
What hardware do you use?
Mel uses a xp-pen artist 15.6 pro tablet, Squid has a xp-pen Artist 22 pro tablet.
Can I get a discount?
We're offering discounts for those who support us on Patreon on certain tiers. Please provide your usernames when you order so we can verify you.
Do you guys do art trades or requests?
We don't do Art Trades at this time, however you can visit our Twitch on the last Wednesday [3amPST] of every month where we do $5 or more doodle requests!
Will you guys make me a character?
We will! For an additional fee we can make concept art for the character you have in mind!
What are you using the money for?
We split our revenue 50/50, money goes towards supporting the production of our comic (check it out here!!), and saving for things like squid's top surgery and meeting up with each other irl!
Can I commission you to make my merch?
you can! we will sell you the right to use your commission for commercial use for 200% of the original price! we ask that you please discuss your intended use with us beforehand


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We started creating art together as a team mates in 2019 and began to stream our work on Twitch shortly after. We were astounded how much of a difference surrounding yourself with a welcoming community of creators can help someone dealing with the anxiety that comes with being an artist!Since then, we've begun to publish our ongoing webcomic and continue to grow our own little artist community with weekly events and monthly creator shoutouts in our DiscordWe hope one day to be full-time dedicated content creators, with an income from our art. Our dream is to be able to meet up and eventually live together, but in the meantime we will continue to do our best to provide our best quality art, comic, community, and streams we can!

Main socials:
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